Droscha Sugarbush prides itself on producing artisan maple syrup with as few steps as possible from tree to table. Our maple infusions are handcrafted with the best spices from around the world.


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Droscha Sugarbush Traditional Maple Syrup is a classic. Our traditional maple syrup offers a rich and complex maple flavor with a hint of smoke and earthy undertones just like your grand parents remember it. This rich amber syrup is the perfect complement to a short stack of pancakes and as a succulent glaze for bacon.


We age select medium amber maple syrup in a charred oak Kentucky bourbon barrel for several months to create a candied bourbon flavor with hints of charred oak and butterscotch. This delicious blend of maple and bourbon takes BBQ sauces and glazes to the next level while also being an exceptional choice for a cocktail mixer or sweetener in carbonated water. Yum!


Looking for the perfect maple trinket to give to friends and loved ones? This decorative glass maple leaf captures the essence of our traditional maple syrup and will bring a smile to everyone who tries it!


Great maple syrup infusions start with world-class ingredients. We’ve taken vanilla beans grown on the South Pacific island of Tahiti and paired them with 8 ounces of our pure maple syrup to produce a smooth, aromatic blend of warm maple and delicate vanilla. Try it with cream: coffee creamer, yogurt parfait, and vanilla ice cream.


We infuse light amber maple syrup with Tahitian vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks to produce a delicately spiced maple flavor tempered by cool vanilla tones. This delightful combination is a treat when tossed with fruit, on desserts, and combined with warm fall cocktails. Honestly, most end up sipping right from the bottle!


Droscha Sugarbush maple sauces are as traditional and versatile as it gets. From brats, grilled chicken to salad dressing, dipping sauce or baked salmon glaze, this sauce will leave your taste buds looking for another bite. Order two and you can thank us later!


Droscha Sugarbush Granulated Maple Sugar is made from syrup produced early in the maple season. With the ground still mostly frozen, snow on the ground, the trees produce sap that creates a very light amber syrup. This golden maple syrup is ideal for granulation as it contains very little invert sugars. Sprinkle on fresh blueberry muffins or apple pies.