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For more than 50 years, the Droscha family has produced artisan maple syrup by adhering to a simple principle—the fewer steps between the tree and the table, the better. We believe the best maple syrup begins with sap from our local maples boiled over a roaring hardwood fire, enhancing the natural flavors and infusing smoky undertones. From our traditional method to our bold new infusions, Droscha Sugarbush maple syrup brings out the best in maple to complement any meal and occasion.

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Tree to Table

Traditional methods, modern appeal

Our dedication to top-shelf maple syrup runs deep. We adhere to traditional practices passed down through the generations. Small batch sizes ensure that every drop is properly finished to deliver a robust maple flavor.

Single source sap

The secret is in the sap. Collected from local sugar maples, cold, crisp maple sap is brought back to the farm and boiled in the Droscha family sugarhouse. Southern Michigan is a perfect spot for maples, consistently delivering sweeter sap than reported elsewhere in the Northeast. The combination of climate and soil and ample access to sunlight allows local maples to flourish.

Fired by hardwood. Never petroleum.

Hardwood brings the heat. Seasoned hardwood harvested each offseason fuels the cooking process, leaving a clean and natural smoked maple flavor and nothing more.

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